Ros Redeem codes List: October 19 2022

Rules of Survival is like other RPGs like Free Fire, where you have to be the last person on an island still alive. but there is a bit of difference in that it has parts of both the massively multiplayer mode and the stimulation strategy.

Likewise, the game is just the same as free fire, like how you always have to grind to get survival kits while fighting enemies. To make things easier for you, we have brought you a list of Rules of Survival (ROS) redeem codes that you can use to get a variety of items. so what are you waiting for?

Rules Of Survival (ROS) Redeem Codes (Oct 2022)

ROS Redeem Codes

The codes mentioned below can be used:

1. SD406B202C12

If you want to get rewards and boots redeem these codes.

  • x1 Epic Hero Badge
  • x1 Epic Hero Fragment
  • x1 Advanced Search Map
  • x5 1K Gas
  • x5 1K Metal
  • x5 1K Food
  • x5 1K Wood
  • x4 5m Training Speedup
  • x4 5m Construction Speedup
  • x4 5m Research Speedup

2. SFA773217A67

  • x1 Epic Hero Badge
  • x 1 Elite Hero Fragment
  • x2 1K Gas
  • x2 1K Metal
  • x2 1K Food
  • x2 1K Wood
  • x2 5m Training Speedup
  • x2 Combat Manual I

3. s13a9a1d3804

  • 50 Biocaps
  • x1 Advanced Search Map
  • x3 1K Gas
  • x3 1K Metal
  • x3 1K Food
  • x3 1K Wood
  • x3 5 Training Speedup
  • x3 5m Research Speedup

4. sosniko ( only new players can redeem the following ROS codes )

  • x1 1K Biocaps
  • x2 Epic Search Map
  • x100 200 Chief EXP
  • x10 Rusty Fragments
  • x300 1K Metal
  • x300 1K Food
  • x300 1K Wood

Note: These ROS redeem codes may not work for you. we will get you new codes as soon as it is available.

How to redeem the ROS Redeem codes: Here is the guide

Step 1: Go to the site where you can redeem the game.
Step 2: Choose the domain controller for the game.
Step 3: Enter the redemption code.
Step 4: Click the “Confirm Redemption” button.
Step 5: Start the game and get your prizes.

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